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Take The "Champions Can" Challenge!

Help us go viral by participating in our campaign to support the development of our new "Playbook" App on how to manage your life while dealing with cancer!

Navigating a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, especially when you don't have all of the tools to help you right at your fingertips. Join our "Champion Can! Challenge"! Help us bring awareness to cancer survivorship and become part of the solution to making lives easier for cancer patients and survivors!

Take a look at our promo video featuring the "Champion's Can Song"!

Step 1:

Click the image to download and print the challenge poster.

Please consider giving a tax-deductible donation along with your poster download!

Step 2:

Record a brief video clip of yourself holding the poster, then flipping it over to reveal the name of the person or people you choose to honor in their fight against cancer. If you are a cancer survivor or currently being treated for cancer you can also choose to honor yourself!

Clip must be no longer than 10 seconds. See example below!


Step 3:  
Submit your video to us!

Disclaimer: By submitting your video, you give Champions Can! the right to use your video for marketing and promotional purposes

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